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The Marketable Process

Our Process Five “turn-key” steps for consistent lead generation results. The 5-Step Marketable ProcessThe 5-Step Marketable Process 1 Direction The first thing you need is to set goals and differentiate from your competitors. STEP 1/5 2 Customer Profiling Next, your customers are profiled, to find the ones most likely to buy from you. STEP 2/5 3 Build […]

What Is Lead Generation?

Everything about sales & marketing has changed.  Here’s what you need to know. What’s Lead Gen All About?What’sLead GenAll About? Lead generation is winning over potential customers who show interest in purchasing your product or service.How do we win them over, and turn them into a customer?We’ll share our “King Of Lead Gen” that’s been […]

3 ‘Art Of War’ Strategies You Can Use Against Pesky Relatives – CNY 2020

Dreading the incoming questions during the Chinese New Year visitations? We’ve got three quick strategies (quoted directly from Sun Tzu’s Art Of War) that could help. As long as you’re unmarried, you’re almost definitely going to hear the dreaded annual interrogation sessions with your relatives. “So when do you plan to get married?” If you’re […]